Green Clean Overview

We feel it is important for us to give you the following information regarding our intentions for your facility so that you will have the opportunity to consider our proposal beyond price and references. We think that you are probably familiar with the transition to "green cleaning" that is occurring in our industry, and want you to know that this is what we intend to do and what some of the benefits to you will be, both from a monetary standpoint and employee well-being standpoint.

In a nutshell, green cleaning is a level of cleaning that protects health without negatively impacting the environment. It is in fact much more than a mild transition in our industry. It is rather a transformation of our industry. Ten years ago, building services contractors were providers of "janitorial services," referring to the removal of dust, dirt and trash from your building. During the last ten years however, we have become more an industry of "cleaning science" rather than just providers of janitorial services. The killing and/or removing of bacteria using environmentally friendly chemicals and procedures has become paramount to our scope of work. This is a major step in the process of becoming a "green clean" company, and whether or not you are contracting with a "green clean" company will have a positive or negative impact on the future LEED score of your building.

Also, companies like ours have always been concerned with providing a clean workplace for the tenants of a building. With the transition to green cleaning, we are as concerned about providing a healthy workplace as we are a clean workplace. Employee absenteeism will decrease as the healthy workplace is developed. The full protocol for green cleaning has not been developed; we want you to know that we are moving in that direction as rapidly as the industry provides the chemical and equipment technology. We take this transformation very seriously.