About Our Company

A values-driven company

We have enjoyed outstanding growth over the years at Elite. We attribute our success to the fact that we are a values-driven company.

What does that mean?

It means that everything we do—our mission statement, our goals and our overall corporate philosophy—is driven by our values. It means that we are committed to building lasting relationships; committed to providing the best-quality service; and committed to managing our operations in the most efficient manner.

Our philosophy

Since day one, we have ascribed to the philosophy that people naturally move in the direction of praise. So we have made it our mission always to treat our customers and our employees with the utmost respect. We believe that creating an environment of positive expectations brings out the best in all parties and results not only in excellent service, but also in a very low turnover rate among our employees and clients.

In the simplest terms, our entire operation is based on our belief that high expectations combined with deep respect equals quality service and long-lasting relationships. In fact, we do more than believe this: We stake our business on it.

Our people and approach

Elite Environmental Services was established by Joseph Hoyle in 1992, a 30-year veteran of the industry. Currently, we are growing to include a wide range of clients throughout the Southeast.

We take a personal approach to business at Elite. Maintaining quality relationships with clients and employees has always been our essential goal, and we believe it profoundly affects our work in positive ways.

To provide the best service possible, we strive to employ the best human and material resources. Our management style promotes competence, thoroughness and friendliness; and we utilize high-quality environmentally-friendly products, whenever possible.

Company History

Elite Environmental was founded in September 1992 by Joseph Hoyle of Macon, Georgia. Our founder and owner has more than 30 years' experience in the environmental services industry.

We are proud of our Core Purpose and Core Values. You will find them printed in all of our literature. They demand that we focus on quality of service at a fair price and that we build long term relationships. These are our strongest qualities as a company. Once we enter a relationship, it is our habit to stay in that relationship for the long term future.

Our Values

We are committed to establishing strong, lasting relationships while providing quality service in the most efficient manner possible. By treating our customers and our employees with the utmost respect, we create an environment of positive expectations. The result is happy employees, happy customers, and an extremely low turnover on both. We do what we say we'll do. Our values demand it.